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Oct 142013

shak_profileThis is great news for those who travel often outside the United States. T-Mobile just announced that they will be offering unlimited data usage in more than 100 countries for their US customers. I been a big fan of T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi calling features on older BlackBerry models, and they recently released an app for Blackberry 10. Why I love this feature is that when I travel abroad I can call, send text messages, using the Wi-Fi calling without incurring roaming charges. Now they are making it even easier for customers to use their devices and stay connected while traveling abroad.  The company recently signed a deal with super star Latin singer Shakira and part of their strategy is leading to todays announcement. Here is what they said during the deal announcement with Shakira:

“Today is all about bringing the world closer together,” said Shakira. “I’m excited to partner with T-Mobile and look forward to being able to share my music in new and innovative ways.”
“Shakira is an extraordinary, global entertainer who certainly understands the importance of being connected while she travels the world,” said Mike Sievert, CMO, T-Mobile. “She has a passion for communicating with her fans across many platforms and we knew that we could.


Following up with today announcement I can see how they plan to use Shakira’s popularity to market their new offerings to their current and potential customer base. Regarding today’s announcement this is what the CEO said: Continue reading »

Mar 222013



Update: T-Mobile’s support page for the Samsung Galaxy Note II now includes the latest update. 

T-Mobile’s LTE network is beginning to show some signs of life as a number of sites just posted some hands-on results conducted in New York City last week. That means some good news for Galaxy Note II owners as the long-awaited LTE software update finally rolls out beginning today.

The tests, conducted by The Verge, Engadget, LaptopMag and CNET, we’re getting a first look at what the network is truly capable of. There’s a caveat of course, that all of these tests are running on microcells with absolutely no traffic on it so real-world speeds will be theoretically be slower with thousands of customers on a tower at any given time. As was case with the HSPA+ rollout, the use of new tower equipment along the necessary LTE hardware should result in better coverage for everyone says T-Mobile Product Management Director Randy Meyerson. That’s good news for customers who may choose to ignore T-Mobile’s first round of LTE handsets as improved coverage is always welcome.

As for those of you looking for the BlackBerry Z10, T-Mobile’s first LTE-ready BlackBerry, that’s still on the calendar before the end of March. The carrier says LTE is ready in both Las Vegas and Kansas City and all that’s left is flipping the switch allowing customers officially on the network. With the promise of a network that covers 200 million people with LTE before the end of 2013, T-Mobile’s rollout is bound to ramp up quickly. Continue reading »

Mar 012012

BlackBerry India

After months (maybe even a couple of years) of deliberation and pressure from the Indian government, RIM has decided to install a BlackBerry server in Mumbai. India have long wanted to be able to intercept and monitor corporate messages going through BES as well as BlackBerry Messenger and RIM had held off giving in to the idea, until now. By setting up these servers it allows Indian officials to ‘lawfully intercept its messenger services‘.

Security agencies have already tested the servers for effectiveness and would shortly release guidelines on the ‘permission for direct linkage for lawful interception of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) services‘. There are currently 5000 Enterprise Servers for BES in India however Nehchal Sandhu Director of Intelligence Bureau stated that communication there would only be between companies and employees, therefore would not be of high concern for Intelligence agencies.

Licensing conditions state that local service providers must setup a mechanism that lets security agencies intercept any conversation or message sent by any BlackBerry subscriber anytime it is required. So, all carriers that offer the BlackBerry service in the country must make sure they can provide information to security and Intelligence agencies when they are asked for.

Source: Times of India
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Dec 242011


Is your cellphone bad for your health? India’s government seems to think so, because it’s planning a law that will require all phones to display how much electro-magnetic radiation they generate. Radiation is measured in SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) and the Indian limit has been lowered to match the USA’s 1.6W/kg, whereas before it followed the European ceiling of 2W/kg. But even handsets that meet this criterion may have to declare their SAR level, and also carry a message asking people to keep their calls or short or use SMS instead — implying that the Indian government regards radiation as dangerous at any level.

[Thanks, Yogesh]

sourceTimes of India




Jun 242011

Worst part of censorship

A developer of popular BlackBerry apps, Shane, let me know that he was contacted by RIM with an interesting issue with his apps. According to RIM streaming applications are not permitted for sale in the Middle East. They are removing availability of streaming apps in App World for users in the Middle East for all currently approved apps and new apps.

The list of Middle east countries banned from streaming apps is: Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan,Kuwait,Lebanon,Oman,Pakistan,Qatar,Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen


I have never heard of such a restriction where streaming apps are not allowed in the Middle East. It makes me wonder if RIM Legal is pulling some CYA or if this is an actual restriction imposed by other stores. RIM flagged Shane’s police scanner apps but it makes me wonder what RIM means by “Streaming Applications.” I wonder if Nobex and other streaming radio apps are included. This is why I think it is a slippery slope for RIM to only allow BlackBerry PlayBook apps through App World. That is an Apple strategy that just helps enforce censorship since everything is centralized.

Let us know if you figure out any more!

Here is the email RIM is sending out:

Dear Mr X,

This email is to inform you that any streaming applications, including police scanners, are not permitted for sale in the Middle East. Please remove the following countries from any future application submissions of this type. The applicable changes are currently being made to the applications as they are approved. Please note this will not happen moving forward.

Also, if we have missed the country restriction on any applicable applications please make the necessary changes or feel free to inform us.

List of Middle East countries:

– Bahrain

– Egypt

– Jordan

– Kuwait

– Lebanon

– Oman

– Pakistan

– Qatar

– Saudi Arabia

– United Arab Emirates

– Yemen

Thank you for your continued interest in BlackBerry App World.


BlackBerry App World Team




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